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Net Applications: 18% of Mac Users Have Upgraded to Snow Leopard

Online research firm Net Applications today released data charting the growth of Mac OS X Snow Leopard's operating system market share since its launch just over a month ago. The data suggests that approximately 1% of computer users are currently running Snow Leopard, meaning that about 18% of Mac users (which represent approximately 5% of computer users worldwide according to Net Applications' data) are currently running Snow Leopard.

On August 28th, Apple released Snow Leopard, which is version 10.6 of the Mac operating system. Since then, it has had rapid adoption. On the day of Sept. 29th, the global share of Snow Leopard was .91%, and the overall Mac share was 4.93%. This means 18.45% of Mac users have upgraded to Snow Leopard in just one month after its release.

Readers will note weekly cycles in Apple's market share showing an increase in share on weekends, presumably due to the dominance of Windows-based PCs in business settings during the work week contrasting with primarily home computer use on weekends.