Adobe Photoshop project manager John Nack reports that his team is currently investigating three bugs that have appeared for users of Photoshop CS3 and CS4 on Mac OS X Snow Leopard.

1. The most crucial of the bugs appears to be unexpected crashing during Open and Save operations, a bug which appears to affect other applications besides Photoshop, including non-Adobe applications.

2. A second source of Photoshop crashes appears to be related to selection of Apple's new "Menlo" font, and so Nack recommends that users refrain from attempting to use the font for the time being.

3. The third bug, which would be classified as an inconvenience rather than a critical application stability issue, is the inability for Photoshop to open images dragged from other applications onto Photoshop's Dock icon.

Nack recommends that users follow Photoshop team members Dave Howe and Jeff Tranbury on Twitter for the latest updates on these issues.

Nack pointed last week to an official Adobe document noting that Creative Suite 3 is unofficially supported on Snow Leopard and had not even been tested for compatibility. After an outcry from users, he quickly clarified that, while not officially supported, Photoshop CS3 had in fact been tested and would run on Snow Leopard with only minimal bugs.

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