Mozilla Releases Firefox 3.5

Mozilla today released Firefox 3.5, a significant upgrade to the world's second-most popular Internet browser. Webmonkey summarizes some of the more important advances in the latest version, including speed enhancements, support for HTML 5, geolocation services, search improvements, and the addition of a private browsing mode.

Originally envisioned as a quick follow-up to 2008's release of Firefox 3.0, Mozilla ended up packing in quite a few extra features into its flagship browser and spent months making sure that Firefox 3.5 was the fastest, most powerful Firefox yet.

Firefox 3.5 brings with it entirely new and much faster rendering engines for both static web pages and the JavaScript code that powers today's complex web-based applications. There are new privacy features, new capabilities for playing video and audio files and improved search tools. There are also a handful of other new features that should prove useful for both Firefox devotees and newcomers alike.

Firefox 3.5 is available for OS X (10.4 or later), Windows, and Linux and is available in nearly 75 languages.