More Snow Leopard Screenshots, Chinese Handwriting Video

A few items we neglected to post from the past week include a new flickr gallery that depicts screenshots from the latest Snow Leopard build (10A354) as well as a Chinese handwriting recognition video (embedded below). The flickr poster writes:

Anything I didn't snap a shot of was because it didn't seem like anything had changed.

Some additional observations:
- Initial setup now warns you if you don't choose a password hint.
- Time Machine menu bar icon is now grayed-out if Time Machine is not configured.
- Clean Up icons command in the Finder now "slides" icons into place instead of them just moving instantly. It's a neat visual effect.
- There is no QuickTime preference pane, and no preferences within the application itself. I theorize that Apple is going to do away with QuickTime Pro entirely.
- Quick Look now works from Open and Save dialogs.

The poster of the images also claims that Snow Leopard will be released in October with the rumored "marble" interface, but that may simply be based on circulating rumors, than on any particular inside knowledge.

Some images highlights include QuickTime Player, QuickTime Share to iTunes, split Terminal, Screen Recording, Scanner Sharing, Text Replacement and much more.

Meanwhile, this YouTube video shows the trackpad handwriting recognition found in the latest build of Snow Leopard:

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