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iPhone Safari to Support Geolocation, Google Latitude Demoed

ComputerWorld points out a little publicized fact that iPhone 3.0's Safari browser will support Geolocation services. This means that websites will be able to request your current location (if you give them permission).

How many times have you had to put in your Zip code in your browser to tell it where you are? Looking for restaurants? Bank branches? Auto repair shops? This can now be built into the browser.

This certainly hasn't been a secret to developers who were notified by Apple in March of the support:

Safari also supports the Geolocation JavaScript classes, which work with the onboard location services to retrieve the current location of the device.

The possibilities, however, came to the forefront last week when Google demoed (via SlashGear) their Latitude location service on the iPhone through a web browser alone:

Google said they will be launching the Latitude website for iPhone after the 3.0 OS is released.