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Screenshot from TechCrunch

Amazon's Kindle for iPhone [App Store, Free] has been updated to Version 1.1, bringing several important new features to the popular eBook reader. Most notably, Amazon has added support for viewing in landscape orientation and the ability to customize text and background colors. The changes include:

* Read in portrait or landscape mode.
* Select alternate background and text colors to improve reading comfort in low light conditions.
* Tap on either side of the screen or flick to turn pages.
* Pinch to zoom images in books.

TechCrunch discusses the changes and includes several screenshots illustrating the text and background color customization options.

My favorite thing about the landscape/portrait mode is that while you rotate your iPhone to switch between the two, theres a lock icon in the lower right hand corner to easily disable this rotation. I wish every app on the iPhone had that, as I cannot stand when things rotate even though I didnt want them to. The background options of black or sepia along with the standard white is also a nice touch, as it can be hard to read on the white when the screen is fully illuminated.

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