Possible Photo of 9.5" Mac Netbook?

Cult of Mac posted a photo of a strange Apple (ish?) branded laptop that measures 9.5" wide and asks "Is this the New Apple Netbook?". Details are sparse and the site is being coy about the origins of the photo but claims it comes from a "trusted contributor":

We have more images that will take time to process and details about the provenance of this device we must parse, so bear with us until all can be revealed.

The explanation may be as innocent as a Chinese knock-off, but it seemed interesting enough to discuss (and pick apart). Hopefully, we'll hear more details of the photo soon.

Apple has been rumored to be working on a miniaturized "netbook". Rumors have pegged it at 10" (diagonally) and with the possibility of a touch screen.

Update: Turns out it's a Pencil drawn, wooden model, and Cult of Mac's sources are perhaps not to be trusted.