Apple Error Confirms Xserve Refresh Coming Soon

PC World reports that an error on Apple's Hong Kong online store reveals that an announcement of new Xserve models featuring Intel "Nehalem" processors should be occurring in the near future. The error involves a broken image on the main Xserve ordering page with a filename of "promo-ribbon-nehalem.jpg" and an alt attribute reading "Pre-order the new Xserve with Intel Xeon (Nehalem)."

A notice on Apple's Hong Kong online store is offering to take preorders of the Xserve based on Intel's latest Xeon server chips. However, preorders cannot be placed as the link hasn't been activated yet, and customization capabilities for the old Xserve products have been disabled.

Rumors of an Xserve refresh have been gathering steam in recent days, with changes in Apple's estimated shipping times and text strings in the OS X 10.5.7 beta pointing to an imminent update to Apple's rackmountable server computers.