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Genius Feature for Movies and TV Shows Activated in iTunes 8.1

After a brief delay, Apple has activated the "Genius" feature for movies and TV shows in iTunes 8.1. It is not entirely clear when Apple flicked the switch, but it appears that reports of the activation date back to late last week.

Similar to the existing feature for music launched in iTunes 8.0, a user can select a movie or TV episode from their library and activate the Genius feature, which then displays recommendations for iTunes Store purchases based on their selection.

The expansion of the feature to movies and TV shows was revealed on Apple's site prior to the release of iTunes 8.1 and was also mentioned in the included release notes for the download, but readers quickly noticed that the feature was nowhere to be found. Following the release of iTunes 8.1, Apple quickly removed mentions of the feature from its iTunes pages, and they have yet to restore them despite activation of the feature.