Health Cloud Brings Google Health to the iPhone

Google's Mac Blog yesterday highlighted Health Cloud [App Store, Free], an application released last month that serves as a native iPhone and iPod touch client for Google Health. Google Health is a Personal Health Record service that enables users to maintain all of their health records in one central online location. Health Cloud, created by a third-party developer, is the first application to use Google Data APIs Objective-C Client Library's support for the Google Health Data API.

Health Cloud is not developed by Google. Rather it uses Google Health's publicly available API (the Objective-C GData libraries) to communicate with Google's servers to retrieve a view of the PHR in the form of a Continuity of Care Record (CCR). The XML-based CCR is then passed through an XSL stylesheet developed by The American Academy of Family Physicians (AAFP) and displayed on your iPhone's screen.

The developer notes that a new version of Health Cloud has been submitted to Apple for approval. The new version adds the ability to display additional health data, as well as notices from health care providers. The update also improves the format of the displayed health record.

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