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Snow Leopard to Include CoreLocation and Multi-Touch APIs

The latest version of Mac OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard seeded to developers is said to have included a few new hooks for developers. One new feature that has been adopted from the iPhone is the inclusion of "CoreLocation". CoreLocation is a software framework that allows developers to identify its current latitude and longitude based on available information. AppleInsider explains how it would work on Macs:

Since Macs don't include GPS technology like the iPhone 3G, CoreLocation will utilize a Mac's existing networking hardware to triangulate the system's location in a manner similar to the way the original iPhone was able to use the technology to emulate a true global positioning signal.

Apple is also said to be including a new Multi-Touch framework that would allow developers to more easily support Apple's Multi-Touch trackpads. While some developers have taken advantage of Apple's Multi-Touch trackpad, support has been sporadic.