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A Few More Details about 'iPhone 2,1'

After yesterday's story that we had found evidence of an unreleased iPhone had been spotted in recent firmware as well as ad delivery networks, PinchMedia follows up with what few details they have about the usage of the device.

- 1st spotting of the "iPhone 2,1" device occured in early October 2008
- Usage picked up in mid-December 2008
- A few dozen distinct "iPhone 2,1" devices have been detected
- Almost exclusively located in south San Francisco Bay Area
- Both AT&T and Wi-Fi connections

PinchMedia provides iPhone developers with ad serving and analytic tracking software to embed within iPhone applications. This is how the the iPhone 2,1 devices have been detected. The iPhone 2,1 model is also found in the firmware of the iPhone 2.x firmware releases as we reported yesterday.