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Mac Mini to Gain Support for Dual Displays?

AppleInsider reports that the rumored upcoming revision to the Mac mini will bring support for dual displays via one Mini DisplayPort connector and one Mini DVI connector. Apple's low-cost desktop computer has featured only a single DVI connector since its introduction in January 2005.

Evidence recently discovered in OS X configuration files points to the adoption of NVIDIA's MCP79 chipset in the forthcoming Mac mini and iMac revisions. The current models of the MacBook, MacBook Pro, and MacBook Air already utilize the chipset, which offers a substantial increase in graphics performance over the Intel GMA 950 integrated graphics found in the now-dated Mac mini.

The report also casts doubt on recent rumors that the Mac mini will see a shift to a black plastic and aluminum enclosure, which would bring its appearance more in line with that of Apple's iMac and notebook models.

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