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New Mac Mini to Launch at Macworld San Francisco?

TUAW believes that the Mac mini will indeed see an update at Macworld San Francisco next week. Rumors of a Mac mini update have been ongoing with most expectations pointing to Macworld.

TUAW's report is light on details but expects at least two major changes

- The internal optical drive will be an SATA drive that can be swapped out with a second SATA hard drive
- Design will change from the current white plastic to black plastic and aluminum.

Based on circulating evidence, we also expect the new Mac minis to be based on the NVIDIA chipsets. This design change should guarantee the use of the NVIDIA GeForce 9400M graphics card at a minimum. This should improve the graphics capabilities of the mini significantly over the current design.

Earlier this month, Wired also reported that the new Mac mini would be released at Macworld.

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