Miniature Video Projector for iPhone and iPod

Engadget reports that Texas Instruments' DLP Pico Projector will launch on December 1st for sale in Apple Stores in Japan. The miniature projector allows you to display a 60-inch 480x320 video image from up to 8.5 feet away.

David Pogue took an early look at the device and was impressed:

Youd have to be a jaded gizmophile indeed not to be impressed the first time you turn on this tiny, shiny black box. In the center of the short end, theres a very bright light-emitting-diode lamp. Inside, theres a miniaturized Texas Instruments digital-light-processing (D.L.P.) chip, similar in principle to the ones that drive some full-size HDTV sets. Together, they produce an astonishingly bright, clear, vivid video or still image. Thats right -- from a projector youve pulled from your jeans pocket.

No word on when the projector will be available in the U.S. It will retail for about U.S. $511 in Japan.