Higher Quality MacBook and MacBook Pro Case Photos Leaked

MacHome.com.cn has posted a series of higher quality images of the new MacBook and MacBook Pro cases that were originally posted last week. While there had been some doubts about the details of the blurry photo, these new images show every angle of both the MacBook and MacBook Pro cases.

043522 161546 400
MacBook Pro case

043659 161822 400
MacBook case

Additional photos depict the left, right, and underside of the cases. A few observations

- The optical drive appears to be on the right side (when facing the laptop)
- All the ports are on the left side (when facing the laptop)
- Case does not appear to be tapered like the MacBook Air
- Power button is in the far top right corner
- Large trackpad like the MacBook Air
- Appears to be "latchless"
- No Firewire port on MacBook?

133618 161714 90
133617 161637 90
133617 161645 90

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