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13" Aluminum MacBook Pictured on Invitation?

Apple has invited media to a special "notebook" event on Tuesday, October 14th. BoingBoing analyzed the laptop pictured on the invitation and concluded that it was likely a picture of the rumored 13" Aluminum MacBook.

It's hard to tell from the gloomy marketing shot, but the Apple logo is about 1.5 inches wide on my MacBook Pro. From that, this machine would appear to be under 13 inches wide, which would suggest a 13.3" diagonal. The edges, however don't look at all like the MacBook Air.

The existing MacBooks also come in 13" screen sizes but are housed in a plastic enclosure. This assumes, of course, that the laptop on the invitation is an actual photograph and has not been otherwise altered. This finding is also consistent with circulating rumors and leaked photos that suggest the MacBook and MacBook Pro lines will be consolidated under a similar design.

Meanwhile, appears to have taken the leaked images and composited them into a mockup of what the new MacBook may look like.

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