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Analysts Downgrade AAPL, Apple Stock Dives Over 15% [Mkt Close: -17.7%]

While we typically don't follow the ebb and flow of Apple's stock (AAPL) price on MacRumors, today the value of the company dove over 15% when two analysts cut their ratings on Apple.

As reported by The Wall Street Journal, RBC Capital Market and Morgan Stanley both downgraded Apple's value from bullish "outperform" or "overweight" to more neutral "sector perform" or "equal weight". Both cited concerns that Apple may not be able to maintain its traditionally high margins in the face of decreased consumer electronics spending and heightened competition.

Indeed, Apple had hinted at possible margin erosion in their last quarterly conference call. Tomorrow is the last day of the fourth fiscal quarter of 2008.

Update: AAPL closed today at $105.55 per share, down 17.69%.