Jaadu VNC 12-Hour Sale (Was $24.99, Now $4.99) [Over?]

Jugaari's Jaadu VNC [App Store] application is having a 12-hour sale. The price of the app is normally $24.99 but until about 12 noon Eastern time, the app will only cost $4.99.

Jaadu VNC was formerly known as Teleport VNC which we previously covered. Jaadu VNC is a VNC client that allows you to control your Mac or PC remotely. A video from the developer shows setup and usage under Windows, but it also works on the Mac:

Note: The developer claims all future updates or redownloads will require payment of the difference between sale and regular price (though there is some ongoing debate in the discussion thread about how this will be accomplished).

App Store Link: Jaadu VNC

Update: The sale appears to be over. The app still lists the cheaper price but is unable to be purchased.