Apple Event for September 9th?

As rumors continue to build of upcoming Apple product updates, more hints are starting to suggest that Apple will be holding a special event in September to launch these new products.

A rumor over the weekend originating from Kevin Rose claimed that we could see iPod Nano and iPod Touch updates in the next few weeks. A subsequent report from Rose indicated that September 9th could be the date for the launch.

While we had initially housed that rumor on our Page 2 (rss) which consolidates minor news and unverified tidbits, an ArsTechnica article now suggests that there may be some validity to that "general date".

More possible case photos for the upcoming 4th Gen iPod Nano and 2nd Generation iPod Touch have also been posted to Page 2.

Update: Brian Lam of Gizmodo has "heard similar things" regarding the September 9th date.