iPhone 3G Connectivity Affecting 2% of Customers? Software Fix Soon?

One MacRumors reader claims to have received a response from Steve Jobs after emailing in a complaint about the current iPhone 3G connectivity issues that have been widely reported.

According to the email response which is addressed from Steve Jobs, the 3G connectivity issue affects 2% of iPhones shipped and is fixable through a software update. The email response was as follows:

We are working on some bugs which affect around 2% of the iPhones shipped, and hope to have a software update soon.


Steve Jobs (or someone acting on his behalf) has been known to provide brief responses to select emails addressed to him. These responses have also occasionally revealed information that had not previously been known.

The existence of a software update to address the issue had been previously reported by BusinessWeek sources. If the 2% figure is accurate, the issue could be affecting over 60,000 users based on analyst sales estimates for the iPhone 3G.

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