Apple Ramps Production to 800,000 iPhones a Week?

TechCrunch claims that Apple has ramped up iPhone 3G production to a massive 800,000 units per week. They cite a source "with direct knowledge of the numbers".

If true, this would bring Apple's iPhone 3G production and sales well above previous estimates and expectations. An early report claimed that Apple would produce 24-25 million iPhones throughout the life of the product. At a rate of 800,000 iPhones per week, Apple would produce over 40 million devices over the next year. This would also put them well ahead of their goal of selling 10 million iPhones in calendar years 2008.

Apple did sell 1 million of the iPhone 3Gs on its opening weekend, but has not yet offered additional sales numbers. Stock for the iPhone has remained tight weeks after its launch and Apple is expecting to launch the iPhone 3G in 20 additional countries on August 22nd (including Singapore).