MacBook Pro NVIDIA Chips Affected Too by Failures?

The Inquirer speculates that all G84 and G86 graphics chips are affected by the GPU failures announced by NVIDIA earlier this month.

According to NVIDIA a significant quantity of NVIDIA chips have been failing at higher than normal rates but has not yet provided a breakdown of affected products.

The Inquirer believes that chips used in the G84 and G86 models of video cards are affected, despite NVIDIA's reassurances that only a small batch has been affected:

The short story is that all the G84 and G86 parts are bad. Period. No exceptions. All of them, mobile and desktop, use the exact same ASIC, so expect them to go south in inordinate numbers as well.

They do believe that notebooks are far more likely to be affected due to the constant powering up and down of their chips.

Apple's MacBook Pro currently uses the NVIDIA 8600M GT. This graphics chipset is amongst those listed by The Inquirer as affected. No official confirmation is yet available.