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Apple's Joswiak on iPhone Copy and Paste, GPS Driving Directions

ExtremeTech reports that they were able to talk to Apple's head of iPod and iPhone marketing, Greg Joswiak, on launch day. They asked two very common questions about possible features of Apple's iPhone.

When asked about the iPhone's lack of copy and paste functionality, Joswiak stated that they were not specifically against the feature, they have a prioritized list of features and were only able to get down the list so far with this product release. As a result, it seems copy and paste may still be a possibility in a future software update.

The author also asked about David Pogue's suggestion that the iPhone's GPS antenna was too small to accommodate a turn-by-turn navigation application. According to Joswiak, this is untrue. Instead he points to "complicated issues" surrounding driving applications but promises "It will evolve. I think our developers will amaze us." Indeed, TeleNav has already claimed that they are working on this exact product for release in the App Store.

Apple announced that they had sold over 1 million iPhone 3Gs this weekend. There continue to be long lines at Apple Stores across the country for the iPhone. Despite some early complaints about price plans in Canada, Rogers announced today that they nearly sold out of the iPhone and had "the best weekend sales of a handset" in their history.