Vodafone to Deliver iPhone in Australia, Italy and Other Countries

Vodafone announced that it would be releasing Apple's iPhone in Australia later this year, as well as in New Zealand, the Czech Republic, Egypt, Greece, Italy, India, Portugal, South Africa and Turkey.

A spokesperson for Vodafone Australia confirmed that the carrier will release the iPhone locally in 2008, but could not provide any further information on the model, the price, the release date, or if Vodafone would be the exclusive carrier.

When asked for further details, the spokesperson was unable to "go into it at the moment." Rogers Communications similarly announced that they would be delivering the iPhone in Canada later this year but was also able to provide few details.

There have been a growing number of rumors indicating that Apple is looking to expand the iPhone's reach internationally. An earlier Australian rumor suggested that the iPhone would arrive as an unlocked phone to be used on multiple carriers, though Vodafone did not comment on this possibility.

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