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Apple 2Q 2008 SEC Filing: Strong Laptop, Desktop, Retail Performance

Apple yesterday filed its quarterly 10Q statement with the SEC. While the company had highlighted its fiscal performance in its conference call on April 23rd, the SEC filing provides a more granular view into the performance of various Apple products and initiatives.

Apple's retail performance was particularly impressive, gaining the company 74% more sales than the year ago quarter.

Strong Mac sales were shown to be based on both portable and desktop sales. 856,000 desktops and 1,433,000 laptops were sold representing 37% and 61% unit growth, respectively.

The increases in Mac net sales and unit sales were driven primarily by sales of the new MacBook Air, introduced in January 2008, and higher sales of the iMac and other Mac portable systems. The Mac unit growth rate of 51% and 48% in the second quarter of 2008 and the first six months of 2008, respectively, exceeded the estimated growth rate of the overall personal computer industry during those timeframes reflecting strong customer demand for the Companys Mac products.

Raw Data: Apple 10Q for Q2 2008 (pdf)