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8GB iPhone End-of-Life'd in UK?

RegHardware and Engadget are reporting that the 8GB iPhone has gone "End-of-Life" (EOL) in the UK:

Both suppliers' websites are current flagging the handset as "out of stock" (CW) and - more ominously - "no longer available" (O2).

Engadget quotes a memo stating that the 8GB iPhone (and 8GB iPod Touch) has "gone to end of life." MacRumors was also forwarded an email that Carphone Warehouse sent out to their sales affiliates indicating that stock would not be replenished:

Thanks to the most phenomenal response to the promotion, The Carphone Warehouse is now out of stock on the Apple iPhone.

Please can you remove all reference to the iphone promotion in your copy.

We apologise for the short notice but would like to thank everyone who participated in the campaign. Carphone do not expect to receive any additional stock at this time.

Sales of the 8GB iPhone reportedly shot up in the UK after a 100 discount was offered two weeks ago. Apple is widely expected to release a new 3G iPhone in the coming weeks to months.