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Apple Notebooks to See Major Design Changes?

Appleinsider claims that the current MacBook and MacBook Pro designs will be retired and are expected to see "major design changes" in their next revision.

The consumer MacBook line is expected to transition from plastic enclosures to aluminum and stainless steel, which are reportedly more "eco-friendly".

The MacBook Pro will share a similar design transition to bring it in line with existing iMac and MacBook Air designs.

Though precise details are admittedly limited given the ongoing revision process, it's presumed this will include instances of matte black on portions of the casings, oversized trackpads, and the adoption of the MacBook Air's keyboard by the MacBook.

Appleinsider points out that the MacBook has not seen a major case redesign since its introduction in May 2006. Meanwhile, the MacBook Pro continues to share a very similar design to the Aluminum PowerBook G4 which was introduced in 2003.

The new designs are expected to accompany the Montevina platform launch in June of this year. Montevina promises faster front-side bus speeds (1066MHz) over existing models (800MHz) and slightly faster Penryn processors (2.26-3.06GHz).