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Happy April Fools: April 1, 2008

Today is April 1, 2008 and represents April Fools' Day -- so readers should be wary of hoaxes and claims at both news and rumor sites today. Today also represents Apple's 32nd anniversary. Apple was founded on April 1st, 1976 by Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak.

While we avoid tainting our news stories with April Fools jokes, we've posted hidden April Fools' pages in the past:

2007. MacRumored - MacRumors circa early 1990s
2006. MacRumors Page 3 - Mac News and Rumors You Can't Believe

April Fools around the web:

- Youtube is Rick Rolling their Featured Videos.
- Gmail Custom Time
- gDay with MATE

MacRumors readers should reload their pages if there are design inconsistencies with our page today.

MacRumors does not participate in April Fools news stories. All stories posted today are real.