Mac Mini Not Dead Yet?

Appleinsider is backtracking on their claims from last year that the Mac mini was set to be discontinued. According to the rumor site, they've received word to the contrary:

For the first time in nearly a year, however, people familiar with the matter tell AppleInsider there's new life in the Mac mini department, where a small team of engineers have recently been tasked with gutting the diminutive desktop and applying fresh internals.

The Mac mini is expected to accompany the rest of the Mac line to the new Penryn Core 2 Duo processors. Specs are expected to start at 2.1GHz with the same GMA X3100 graphics processor used in the current MacBooks. The Mac mini was last updated in August 2007.

MacScoop was first to predict Penryn Mac mini updates in the coming weeks. Apple is also expected to also refresh their iMac line with the latest Intel processors.

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