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iPhone SDK in Beta Only? More 3G iPhone Predictions... claims that the announced "Roadmap" event for the iPhone Software Development Kit (SDK) will be just that... a "Roadmap". The site believes that Apple will be unable to deliver a final version of the SDK at their March 6th event. Instead, a beta version will be released, with a final version not expected until Apple's Worldwide Developer's Conference (WWDC). The dates for this year's WWDC have not yet been announced, but the conference typically falls in June. is not a typical rumor source, but this information is consistent with earlier Page 2 rumors and direct observations we've heard from individuals who have seen early versions of the SDK, saying that it appeared to offer just the "bare essentials" at that time.

Meanwhile, UBS analysts are continuing to predict that the 3G iPhone will be released "mid-year". They also pinpoint Infineon Technologies AG as the likely supplier for the 3G communications chip.