Macworld San Francisco: Covered Banners, Early Shipments

Many bloggers and media (including MacRumors) have started to descend on San Francisco for Macworld Expo 2008. SetteB.IT managed to take an extensive gallery of photographs from the expo floor, including Apple's floor displays which were covered in their usual black tarps:

014724 mwsf08sabato35 300

They even managed to get a blurry photo of a presentation, which appears to be showing GarageBand:

014725 mwsf08sabato37 300

Full gallery available: Part 1, Part 2.

Meanwhile, posts their gallery of Macworld Expo photos. They had arrived at the Apple Store as they were unloading a shipment on Friday night. One of the packages was marked "Visual Merchandising", presumably for Tuesday:

010146 visualmerch

Meanwhile, the "Something's in the Air" banners have generated an enormous amount of speculation about what Apple might be introducing at Macworld. Johncarync points out the banners Apple has posted the past few years (Life is Random, iPod banners, The first 30 years were just the beginning.). t0mat0 compiles all the varying possibilities discussed in the 800+ responses. There has been suggestion, however, that it is simply a hint to the name of the upcoming thin portable.