SlingPlayer for iPhone and iPod Touch? claims (via 9to5) they have an "extremely senior source" at Sling Media who says that an iPhone/iPod Touch version of their SlingPlayer client software is coming.

Sling Media sells the SlingBox which allows you to stream video from your home television over the internet to any supported device (Mac, PC, Mobile Phone). A native SlingPlayer port would bring that functionality to the iPhone. Sling Media, however, is said to be worried that EDGE might not be fast enough to support their streaming media.

This rumor might have been dismissed, if not for the fact that MacRumors has also heard that SlingMedia is indeed one of the lucky developers to get an early copy of the iPhone Software Development Kit (SDK). Apple has reportedly seeded select developers with early versions of the iPhone SDK to ready some applications for the initial launch. The iPhone SDK is officially expected to be released in February 2008.

With Macworld Expo around the corner, we have heard that Apple will show new iPhone software at Macworld, though this could just mean the 1.1.3 firmware that was previously leaked.