Official MacRumors Nike+ January and 2008 Challenges

Happy New Year to all! All of us at MacRumors hope everyone had a great end of year celebration. Now is the time to get back on board with the new year and use your new 'gifts' to keep in shape, get in shape or keep a resolution!

For that to happen we have created a variety of Challenges for participation.
Each Quarter everyone will be invited to a 5k and 10k time trial - this is to promote speed competition and to keep everyone honest...

For the Group - we created a very high goal of 25,000 miles in 2008, we will need everyone to help out to achieve it.

I am also going to add monthly challenges for the group as well. I will take applespider's suggestion of the run for your birth month to start us off and make that a 2 month challenge for the slow starters.

Now for the make yourself a better runner challenges:
There are 4 Clubs set up:
The 500 mile club
the 1000 mile club
the 1500 mile club
the 2000 mile club

If you start in a 500 and want jump up to the 1000 then just let the organizer know - all miles ran in the year are counted so it is not like you have to start over.

Have a great year of running and you will find plenty of support here to encourage you along the way.