Star Wars Hologram Effect for iChat and PhotoBooth

Forum user, elbows, took some time to try to recreate the missing iChat Star Wars hologram effect that didn't make the final cut of Leopard.

OK here it is. Like I said its not quite right yet, probably need some effects to make the image look grainy etc. And the preview is messed up and it doesnt seem to work in PhotoBooth, just iChat, but give it a try anyway.

You simply copy the .qtz file into your {HardDriveName}/Library/Compositions/ directory. The new effect will appear in iChat and can be seen by anyone (they don't have to install the effect). An early version of the effect is available in this thread.

Update: Ice-Cube posts how to get this effect into PhotoBooth:

1. Extract HoloGit.qtz from the zip file.
2. Place it on your desktop for easy access.
3. Go to photobooth in your applications folder and right click to *Show package contents*
4. Navigate to content>resources
5. Drag the HoloGit.qtz file from the desktop to this folder.
6. Locate the file *EffectsOrdering.plist* in this folder
7. Open the file with textedit
8. You should see a number of effects listed in that file. You should see user backdrop 1, user backdrop 2, and so forth in the last paragraph.
9. Replace the words *user backdrop 1* to *HoloGit*
It should look like this: /HoloGit
10. Save the file. Close all folders.
11. Open up photobooth and enjoy your newfound effect.

Note: the .qtz must also be placed in the {HardDriveName}/Library/Compositions/ directory as described above for iChat