Apollo IM 1.0 Released

Native instant messaging client Apollo IM has been updated to version 1.0. The project page lists the changes:

* Added support for DotMac, ICQ, MSN in addition to AIM. Through libpurple.
* Buddylist notification of open conversation
* Multiple account sign on - I've been on 8 accounts at once, although, I wouldn't recommend more than 2-3 active accounts on edge, otherwise it gets slow real quick
* Sectioned buddy list by accounts
* Away / Unaway via the pretty green dot in the upper right. Tap it, turns red, you're away. Tap it again, turns green, you're back.
* Support for Alias'd buddy names.
* Support for Status Messages - shows up in the buddy list
* Time Stamps in conversation windows
* Removed Buddyinfo, for now
* Preparing to add a pane to "Settings" - eliminates need for "Prefs" button for us, will allow extended user options
* Completely brand new UI.
* Entire application is brand new, recoded from the bottom up. Stability should be amazingly enhanced.
* Wifi Keepalive still requires summerboard.

The application now has a new official site at Apolloapp.com. As a 3rd party native application, to install ApolloIM you need you a tool such as Installer.app.

Current ApolloIM users will need to uninstall their current version in Installer.app and reinstall the 1.0 version. Upgrades are not supported at this time.