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Rising Mac Sales and Subnotebook Plans

TheStreet claims that they have heard that Apple is expected to sell 2.35 million iMacs and MacBooks this quarter, beating out analyst estimates by 400,000 units.

Meanwhile, they also claim to have heard more about Apple's "subnotebook Mac" which is described as "ultra-thin" with a 10-12inch screen, sleek rounded edges and less than 2 pounds.

They expect the new subnotebook next quarter in time for the holiday sales season, and even claim a memo has been circulated to tell some employees to cancel vacation plans between Thanksgiving and Christmas.

TheStreet has not been a particularly accurate source of Apple rumors, so this should be taken with a grain of salt. However, it is somewhat consistent with recent rumors of a thin MacBook. TheStreet was previously responsible for the Drop in Production of iPhones rumor which was credited to Miller Tabak & Co. analysts, but was based on a misunderstanding ("We don't have an Apple analyst, we don't even have a tech analyst")

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