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iPod Nano Details, and Full Touchscreen iPod?

9to5mac updates with claims that sort out some of the mixed signals arriving these past two weeks surrounding upcoming versions of the iPod.

9to5mac had earlier posted a mockup of what was felt to be a next generation iPod which showed a shorter proportioned iPod. While met with some skepticism, a later ThinkSecret report corroborated the dimensions ("in some ways more resemble a BlackBerry") and confirmed that the leaked iPod interface videos would be used.

This latest report now claims that the mockup of the shorter iPod is in fact a mockup for the iPod Nano, and not the "full size" iPod as suggested. They also claim the leaked interface videos are for this upcoming Nano.

It will be about two inches square and play video (so technically we were right about being the new video iPods). It is coming in 4GB and 8GB size and will likely keep the same pricing. These little square machines are also coming in a new set of colors for all of us sick of the five already out.

This leaves room on for a high end iPod config, which is said to be a "phoneless iPhone" that many have been waiting for.

The anticipated release date for the new iPod nanos is August 7th.