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Mac OS X Leopard 9a499 Visual Enhancements

ThinkSecret publishes images and notes from the latest Mac OS X Leopard (9a499) build that was seeded to developers earlier this week.

ThinkSecret describes a number of visual improvements including:

- New Dock separator between Applications and Documents that resembles a crosswalk
- Improved menu bar icons for translucent menu bar
- System Preference icon resembles iPhone's settings icon
- Finder windows can also be set to always show the path of a file

Other changes in the new build include a revamped Users & Groups browser, built-in support for Google Talk in iChat, new view options in iChat, and additional options when right-clicking on the Finder icon in the dock.

Images available in the original article.

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158 months ago

that system preferences icon is ****ing awful. talk about completely clashing with everything else.

I disgree! The System Prefs icon has always been the same since the introduction of OS X. It's about time for a refresh. I really like the new icon with gears... very tasteful and straightforward. I love it. :)
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