MacBook Pro Display Component Shortages Strangling Supply?

According to AppleInsider, a supply shortage of the LED-backlit displays powering Apple's latest MacBook Pros are the cause of continuing shipping delays. In addition, the site reports that third party retailers have seen virtually non-existent stock of the units.

Some high-volume Apple dealers tell AppleInsider that thousand of units have remained on backorder since early June, while others claim they've yet to receive a single shipment of the new notebooks. In speaking to these dealers, Apple representatives have reportedly identified the new 15-inch LED backlit display panels as the root of the problem.

Apple has not specified whether quality-assurance related yield issues are to blame, or rather it is simply a case of production not being fully ramped up for a relatively new technology.

Currently, Apple's U.S. Online Store cites a 7-10 day ship time for 15" base configurations.