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Ultra-thin and Ultra-light Mac Notebook in 2007

MacScoop claims that according to "trusted sources" Apple is planning on releasing "a notebook that is so small and light that it could redefine the standards of ultra-portable computing."

The upcoming Apple notebook is said to feature a 12" display, 0.6-0.7 inches thick, and weigh less than 3 pounds. MacScoop's sources are unclear if an optical drive will accompany this ultra-portable notebook, but do feel it is likely to come by year's end (2007).

For reference, Apple's current 15" MacBook Pro weighs 5.4lbs with a 1 inch thickness.

Rumors of a ultra-portable Apple laptop have been ongoing since late 2006. MacScoop reported in December 2006 about the upcoming 12" ultra-portable MacBook Pro with additional details provided by Appleinsider in February. There are some conflicting reports with one summary that believed the ultra-portable would carry a 13" LED display.

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