I took some iPhone size comparison pictures today for y'all.

Let's start in the kitchen....

IMG 6679 500

The iPhone as compared to a slice of delicious cake.
IMG 6681 500

Comparing it to a standard-sized can of soda.

IMG 6680 500

This Microwave is .6 cubic feet.

IMG 6699 500

The size of a sandwich and some pringles. Looks like if you trim the bread a little bit you could have your own starchy, non-functioning iPhone made of bread! (It was a very good sandwich.. I had egg salad!)

IMG 6687 500

Compared to the size of the standard household cat. He weighs about 20 pounds; he's Texas-sized. I had to pet him so he wouldn't try to chew on the phone.

IMG 6689 500

The iPhone is exactly the length of a perfect fifth-- from C to G on a standard-sized piano keyboard.

IMG 6701 500

and as compared to my friend's Samsung X820. Both screens are turned on, but of course, the iPhone's is brighter and more beautiful and readable in the car.

Any more comparisons y'all want to see that you think I left out? Leave 'em in the comments!

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