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Pre-Paid iPhone Available for Some? [Updated]

BoyGeniusReport published an AT&T training guide which provides walk-throughs for sales reps on selling the iPhone.

The most interesting portion of the report is an excerpt describing the credit-check process.

For customers that choose not to run the Pre-Approved credit check in the store, they will go through a credit check during the iTunes activation process. However, this is not the preferred method because customers that require a deposit and or require an analyst review will be presented with one of the following options:
- choose Pick Your Plan
- pay the deposit, requiring a return trip to the store
- return product, requiring a 10% re-stocking fee.

Later they specify that "customers will only be offered GoPhone Pick Your Plan [as an option] if the credit check results in a deposit requirement".

AT&T's GoPhone Pick Your Plan requires no annual contract.

With Pick Your Plan, you establish monthly automatic payments for service and use the balance on your account for voice minutes or other features. It's that easy.

Update: For those hoping to somehow take advantage of a "contract-less" iPhone plan, it appears the Pick Your Plan deals are significantly worse (more expensive for the minutes) than the existing plans.