Pogue Answers Common iPhone Questions

David Pogue posts answers to often-asked iPhone questions, and shows the iPhone keyboard in landscape mode:

landscape 300

He prefaces his answers by stating:

Apple has indicated that it intends to add features through free software updates, so the real, secret answer to some of the no answers is actually, Coming soon."

Answers to common questions:
- Speakerphone / Vibrate are weak
- One handed dialing? "Dialing the iPhone one-handed, though, is easy. As your fingers grasp the iPhone, your thumb is free to tap buttons, scroll lists and so on."
- No other companys SIM card works in the iPhone.
- No voice memos, voice dialing or call recording
- Lacks video output to a TV
- No disk mode
- Can only use one of 25 preset ringtones
- iPhone can't be used as a wireless modem for your laptop
- Keyboard only rotates in landscape mode in Safari.

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