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iPhone Contracts, Different Outer Design?

The Commercial Times reports that Quanta Computer has received orders to assemble approximately 5 million Apple iPhones for shipment in September. It appears this is an additional order beyond the first batch which was originally placed with Foxconn (Hon Hai). The initial shipment is presumably due in late-June to meet Apple's target date.

Forbes was unable to get any further commentary about the report from the newspaper, but Digitimes provides some curious details from the report, indicating the September order is meant to fill a different market:

The iPhone produced by Foxconn is designated for the US market, and those manufactured by Quanta will be similar in function to those from Foxconn but with a different outer design to fit different markets, the paper quoted sources at Taiwan-based component makers as saying.

The iPhone's U.S. launch is expected in late June, while the European launch has been said to be in the 4th Quarter of this year.