iTunes DRM-Free and Paul McCartney This Week?

At the beginning of April, Apple and EMI announced that they would be offering DRM-Free music files on the iTunes store beginning in May. With May wrapping up this Thursday, their self-imposed timeframe is quickly approaching. has confirmation from EMI that this original plan remains on schedule.

Asked for a progress update on delivery of its new, DRM-less repertoire, which EMI slated for a May release when it announced last month that Apple would get the line-up first, the EMI spokesperson confirmed that this development was also on course to make good on that schedule.

MacBidouille's sources also confirm that the launch is coming this week.

PaidContent also reveals that Paul McCartney's catalog which was announced to appear on iTunes has been held up by "an exclusive offering" that will be released with the music in iTunes. McCartney's music has already appeared on competing services (Napster, Rhapsody, Urge and Zune Marketplace).