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Apple's Shareholder Meeting Notes: Leopard, Apple TV, Research and CNBC have notes from Apple's shareholder meeting which took place today.

In it Steve Jobs fielded various questions covering the backdating stock options, Fred Anderson, Greenpeace and the iPhone. Some of the interesting tidbits are posted below:

"Leopard will be worth the wait" - Steve Jobs
"When a shareholder asked Jobs for high-definition video content on iTunes and asked if his Apple TV could allow him to rent movies, the CEO smiled. 'One never knows,' he said cryptically."
"Regarding .Mac, Jobs admitted that Apples suite of online services hasnt achieved its full potential, but said the company was working on it."
Regarding a decreasing research budget percentage, Jobs said research is a lot more about people and quality engineers than it is about the money. "I wish developing great products was as easy as writing a check," said Jobs. If that were the case, Microsoft would have some great products."

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