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Click.TV: MWSF 2007 Keynote Speech with MacRumors Transcript and Search

The folks over at Click.TV combined our MacRumors Keynote transcript with the Video of Apple's Keynote address. The result is a searchable, indexed video that allows you to jump to specific moments during the keynote video.

Some notes:

- Clicking on "macrumors" track on the playlist overlaying the video will play just the comments, skipping the video in between. Click "ENTIRE VIDEO" to revert back to the entire video.
- Searching on a term - e.g. "ipod" - creates an "ipod" track and plays all comments with the word
- Click BLOG to grab code to drop on a blog or EMAIL to email this to someone else. Note that you can change the start and end points to email just a portion of the whole thing.
- If you click the upper right button, the comments panel goes away and comments appear as subtitles overlaying the bottom of the video.

Video player technology courtesy of Click.TV