iPhone Analysis and Palm Perspective

TreoCentral posted an excellent analysis of the Apple iPhone from the Palm and Smartphone market perspective. It addresses issues that have been long-standing in the smartphone world, including on-screen keyboards and battery life issues.

One interesting aspect is the lack of a removable battery in the iPhone. While this has worked for them in the iPod marketplace, the author suggests that Palm's experience has been one where users demand a removable battery. Certainly, the tradeoff provides a much slimmer form factor for the iPhone.

No other slim phone has every gotten good battery life. That is the tradeoff for slimness, and one of the primary reasons the Treo is so thick. While Apple's engineering is incredible, it seems hard to believe that they have solved this one industry-wide problem in a device that looks more power-hungry then any other.

Also pointed out, however, are the relatively vague battery life numbers provided, though, to be fair, the product remains 5 months from shipping.

The article also addresses on-screen keyboards, user interface, lack of 3G, non-open platform and more.

A Palm VP was quoted in terms of marketing against the iPhone in the coming months:

"How do you compete with vaporware? You sell the product that only costs half as much, and is available now. Palm's not going to try to market against product that they haven't seen yet."

Indeed, Palm CEO had suggested that Apple would have difficulties in entering the phone market after Palm had "learned and struggled for a few years here figuring out how to make a decent phone".

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