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VMWare Public Beta, Parallels Beta 2

VMWare has posted a public beta (Build 36932) of their Intel Mac virtualization software called Fusion.

The new VMware desktop product for the Mac, codenamed Fusion, allows Intel-based Macs to run x86 operating systems, such as Windows, Linux, NetWare and Solaris, in virtual machines at the same time as Mac OS X. It is built on VMware's rock-solid and advanced desktop virtualization platform that is used by over four million users today.

The download page requires some registration to generate a Serial Number for the beta software. FAQ and release notes are available online. Key features described include:

- Assign multiple CPUs to your virtual machine
- Intel Mac support (all models)
- USB 2.0 support
- Drag/Drop file support.

Meanwhile, Parallels has been providing frequent updates for their virtualization solution for the Mac and have just released Beta 2, which brings a number of improvements including USB 2.0 support, Boot Camp partition support, and Drap/Drop support.